While shopping around in cyberspace you will run across a bunch of different batteries, mods and mech mods.  Some of them will be straight from the source authentic items and some of them will be knock-offs.  Some might even be knock-offs of knock-offs.  And, you might ask yourself: "Self" "Should I invest the money in the real deal?  Or am I just being suckered into a high dollar price for something that I could get for much much less?"


Well, just in case your self didn't answer, here is Sublime Vapor's take on it.  "It Depends"  Helpful, huh?  Aren't you glad to read all of that to get to that super ambivalent advice?  But wait, there's more:


When to Buy Authentic

  • Innokin.  You might notice that we carry a lot of items from Innokin on our site.  That's not an accident.  The folks at Innokin are innovators when it comes to vaping.  Their R&D team works hard to develop and test products to provide all of us with high quality products that do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it.  They make cool stuff that looks great and works great.  We are happy to buy it and we are happy to sell it to you.  There are companies that try and knock off Innokin's products.  We don't support that.  We buy direct from the source because we know it is going to WORK.  Innokin is also working on putting a serial number on their products so that YOU can be sure that when you are buying Innokin you are truly getting their stuff.  As an Authorized Innokin Dealer, we have agreed with the company to sell at their MSRP.  So, you might see Innokin priced for less somewhere else on the web and that means one of two things: you are buying a fake OR they are breaking the contract they made with Innokin not to sell below their minimum pricing.  We don't do it.
  • High End Mech Mods.  There are some super awesome mech mod companies out there that invest TONS in their R&D and Production to make things to EXACTING standards.  When you buy their stuff, you are getting that investment, and it pays off in killer mods.  Millenium and V3Tronix are two great examples of that.  Don't buy a knock off, it is NOT the same.
  • RBAs & RDAs.  We have some AWESOME RBAs & RBAs on our site.  Search by Category.  Buy them all!  If you are into building your own stuff, sometimes only the real deal will do.  Those companies have put in the time to make sure that when you do to make a build, you can actually build it AND vape it.  Seems like a logical buying criteria.

When a Clone will Do

  • RBAs & RDAs.  We have some AWESOME RBAs & RDAs on our site.  Search by Category.  Buy them All!  But I wouldn't give you the same advice on other sites.  There are SOME RDAs & RBAs clones that are vape worthy.  BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, they are limited.  We have ordered a bunch that sucked balls.  Truly.  Un-buildable.  Crappy.  Waste of Money.  So ... if you see it on our site and it says clone .... TRUST US.  We Tried it First!  We have a box full of crap to prove it!
  • Some Mech Mods.  Sometimes, there isn't much to a mech mod.  If it is basically a tube and basically a button, you can be basically safe with a basic clone.  But, the button could stick, or break, or the threads go gunny sack on you.  Buy beware with clones out on the WWW.  That being said, the same holds true for our clone mods as it does for our clone RBAs & RDAs, if we have it on the site, we bought and tested it first.