6 Common Battery Safety Mistakes

Lithium ion batteries are a common item in our society, but not everybody is aware of the potential dangers associated with them.  Please educate yourself and make sure you vape safe!


1. DO NOT put extra batteries in your pocket, purse, or bag without a battery case.

Having loose batteries in your pocket, purse etc., even if you think they are discharged, could create a problem IF you also have anything else metal in with them (change, keys, etc).  This will COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT and could cause a short of the battery and a potential fire or explosion.  

SOLUTION: Put your batteries inside a battery case! They make all different sorts, from plastic, to soft cases, battery cages, to individual silicone battery cases! Pick them up from your favorite vape store, and remember: battery safety is every vaper’s responsibility.

2. Not putting your batteries in the correct direction.

Putting your batteries into a device backwards especially a a dual parallel mechanical mod, or any mod that does not have reverse polarity protection can severely damage the mod and the battery.

SOLUTION: Put your batteries in the correct direction!

 3. Get a good quality charger that works with your device/batteries.

Using a "cheap" or incorrect charger for your device can cause problems from a battery and safety perspective.   If you happen to use the cord for that little ego battery you have with an iPhone wall piece, this can actually over-charge your battery causing it to potentially burst. While this is not always the case, and normally the battery will short out before you are able to see any physical damage, the potential for this to create an electrical fire is there. The same goes for external batteries.  I also see many vapers do buy the cheapest 18650 charger they can because they believe they are all the same. While saving the money might be nice, these cheap chargers often do not have the over-charge protection that the more expensive/name brand ones do have.

SOLUTION: Use the charger that comes with your device.  Stay away from cheap chargers that cost under $10 because there is a reason they are so cheap. The important thing when charging external batteries is that you make sure you are using a high quality charger such as Nitecore or Efest. Quality chargers will also lengthen the overall life of your batteries which is a nice bonus.

 4. DO NOT Over-discharge (completely draining) your batteries.

Over-discharging your batteries can be just as damaging as overcharging them. The more you over discharge a battery the weaker the battery becomes.

SOLUTION: Pay careful attention to when there is a significant decrease in power and switch to a freshly charged battery. Or, err on the side of caution and change often.  It is better to charge a battery before it is over-discharged than after.

 5. Do not use too low a resistance and exceed the amp limit of their battery.

Pay attention to the limits of your battery and DO NOT draw out more amps than the continuous discharge rate.  Doing this will putt your battery close to or at  thermal runaway and dramatically increase the risk of fire or explosion.

SOLUTION: Vape and build safe.  Do not build any lower than  .2 ohms for a single mech mod which is a 21 amp draw (at 4.2 volts). If you want to run those super low-ohm builds,  put it on a dual parallel unregulated mod, because then you are splitting the amp draw between the two batteries.

 6. Do not allow the Coils to touch the top cap.

Allowing your coils to touch the top cap of the battery can actually cause more damage to your device than it can your batteries, but the damage to your mod creates an unsafe environment for your batteries. When a coil touches the top cap it creates a hard short (solid connection between electrodes causes extremely high current flow and complete discharge resulting in permanent damage to the cell), and probably tastes TERRIBLE! I have had people ask me why their vape is tasting horrible and when I take off the top cap I can clearly tell that their coils have been touching the cap. It is almost like sticking a metal coat hanger into an outlet.

SOLUTION: Do not build on your own if you do not understand the impact on the battery!