Personal Tastes are just that, personal.  This holds true for vaping.  Everything from the device that you choose to what you fill your tanks and cartos with will change your vaping experience.  But no matter what battery powers your device or what atomizer you pair with it, at some point, you will be selecting a liquid to vaporize.  Here are our best hints at coming up with the best vape for you:

Basic Components of All E-Liquid

  • Propylene Glycol (PG) - Delivers Flavor and Throat Hit
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - Delivers Vapor Production and "slows" e-liquid evaporation
  • Diluted Nicotine - Delivers Nicotine (duh)
  • Flavoring - Flavors the e-juice (again, duh)

Selecting a Blend

  • The majority of e-liquid producers selling into the marketplace these days create their e-liquid utilizing a base mix for the nicotine/flavor that is a blend of PG/VG.  
    • If you really like a BIG throat hit, conventional wisdom dictates that you should opt for a liquid with a higher PG content.  Throat hit can also be generate by the nicotine strength itself, as well as by the heat of your device and placement of your atomizer coils.  For more on that last item, see our helpful article on Tank Selection.  
    • If you want a BIG show (i.e. lots of vapor), conventional wisdom dictates that you should not leave out the VG in your juice.  More VG might mute the flavor a bit (or so the saying goes, but a talented e-liquid maker will make sure you never notice a lack of flavor, even with 100% VG juice).
    • One thing to remember when you are thinking about blends, the manufacturer usually refers to the BASE blend used to mix their juice.  For example, they might say that they use a 50% PG/ 50% VG Blend.  However, don't forget that the nicotine is diluted into a base as well, and that is more often than not a PG base.  So adding the nicotine into the mix is going to bump up that PG content.
    • Some folks are sensitive or allergic to PG.  If that is you ... select a liquid that is 100% VG.  It will be a bit thicker and may require more frequent coil changes for your atomizers, so plan accordingly and stock up!

Selecting a Nicotine Strength  

  • More Nictonie in the juice means more nicotine in the vape.  So this one is personal preference.  More nicotine in the juice also means more throat hit and more of that spicy experience!  One word to the wise, higher nicotine content in your juice does change flavor, so keep that in mind as you order.  
  • For more on selecting the best nicotine level for you, see our article on Nicotine Strength.