Whether you are just exploring the idea of electronic cigarettes for the first time or whether you are an experienced vaper, Sublime Vapor is here to provide you the hardware and the knowledge to make your experience nothing short of, well, sublime.  
The links on this page will take you as deep as you want to go into the world of vaping.  Learn the lingo, linger on the FAQ page, and explore the products.  If you don't find what your looking for, ask a vaping guru at Sublime for help.  


Electronic Cigarette Glossary - Vaping from A-Z

Electronic Cigarettes - Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the Best Tank for You

Don't Vape Bad Juice - How to Choose Delicious Tasting e-Liquid for Every Vaper

Voltage v. Ohm Chart - Finding the Sweet Spot

Nicotine Strength Chart

Kanthal Wire Resistance Chart

Vaping Videos - Cool Tricks, Reviews, Phil Busardo and more

Is Vaping Safe?

Authentic v. Clone - When is Name Brand Better, When are Clones OK?