"Is Vaping Safe?"

We get asked this question a lot.  Or a similar "Is Vaping Better for you than Smoking".  At Sublime Vapor, we answer with the best answer that we can, which is that no one really knows at this point.  What we do know for sure is that there is a TON of evidence about all of the tar and nastiness in traditional cigarettes and that the ingredients that are in the nicotine liquids that we sell are limited to propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavorings and nicotine oil.  One of the gurus of the vaping community, Phil Busardo, has posted some good information and research on his site.  Check out the link to Busardo's Is It Safe Page for all of the latest.  

We always advise everyone to Use Any Electronic Cigarette Product at their Own Risk, and do keep abreast of all of the research.  We will do the same, and keep you posted!