ohm Rating - What it Means and What it Means for your Vaping Experience

If you have spent any time in a yoga class, you might think you already know what "ohm" means ... unfortunately, that has nothing to do with batteries or vaping!  

The ohm that we are talking about here in resistance, and contrary to what you might have thought, resistance is not futile.  

Okay, enough silly jokes, let's get down to the nitty gritty of ohm ratings.


OHM is a measure of resistance.  The higher the ohm rating, the more resistance it has.  The more resistance an atomizer has, the LESS power it will pass through from the battery to the tip of your tank.  So, what does all that science mean for vaping?


Iif you like a smooth flavorful hit that is Goldilocks style, aka Not too Hot and Not too Cool but Just Right, then a higher reistance is best for you.


If you prefer your vaping experience HOT HOT HOT, then lower that resistance and get ready for the heat to punch you in the pucker!


One thing to be wary of, you need to find the SWEET SPOT balancing your power with your resistance (may the force be with you!)  If your power is too high and your resistance is too low ... you will blow out your atomizer and be very very sad.  Check out our V-Spot Chart for more guidance on Finding the Zen of Power and Resistance.