The tank, also known in the Vaping world as an atomizer, a clearomizer, a glassomizer and sometimes even a cartomizer are the combination of the heating element and e-liquid holder that turn your battery from a lithium ion power stick into a VAPORIZER!! Sublime Vapor carries a variety of tanks to meet all of your qualifications including budget, resistance rating, delivery system (wick, poly fill, etc), volume, color and more. For assistance selecting a tank, read through this information or the descriptions on the various product pages. Still stumped? Contact us and we will make sure you find the best tank, or atomizer, or clearomizer, or glassomizer, or cartomizer for your needs.

 Disposable v. Rebuildable

  • Disposable Tanks deliver great performance in an Inexpensive Package. 
    • The tradeoff for that initial affordability is that once the atomizer burns out or the wicks go bad, the tank is done for and you need to start all over again.
    • These tanks are great for starting out and stocking up. Check out the CE4+ and iClear16 Single Coil for disposable tank options.
  • Rebuildable Tanks offer every vaper the opportunity to reuse, and reuse and reuse their tank by replacing the coil heads (or atomizers).
    • This is a simple process that usually involves screwing and unscrewing and not much else. 
    • With Sublime Vapor offering coil heads at just $3.99, that means you can replace those puppies as often as you desire.

Material Selection 

Tanks are available in three basic materials: polycarbonate (aka plastic), pyrex (aka glass) and metal.  

  • Plastic Tanks: The vast majority of tanks on the market feature the first option (plastic, for those who can't remember back that far).  A plastic tank offers a great balance of durability, functionality and affordability.  
    • There are a few instances where we would suggest NOT using a polycarbonate tank and they all have to do with e-juice selection.  There are those juices out that there as a result of their acidity, or sometimes sweetness, will just crack the crap out of a polycarbonate tank.  They can also "etch" or "cloud" the plastic, which (while it doesn't affect taste) makes your tank look not so pretty.  So, if you are planning on vaping passion fruit, hot cinnamon, or root beer, or something similar, a pyrex tank may be the way to go.  Don't say we didn't warn ya!
  • Pyrex Tanks are just darn cool looking.  They are heavier than their polycarbonate cousins and usually combine their killer looks with kick-ass design specs that translate to airflow which means, everybody, VAPOR!  Smooth, flavorful, impressive VAPOR.  
    • The one obvious downside to glass, the stuff breaks when dropped.  Maybe not the first time, maybe not the second time, but, then again, maybe so.  So, for the klutzy among us, maybe not the best option.
  • Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum.  There aren't a ton of tanks that feature metal as their main design, but there are some, and we like them!  There are also quite a few tanks out there that combine elements of a polycarbonate or pyrex tank with a metal sheath to protect or dress up the inner tank.

Wicks v. Cartomizers  

  • This one is really just a matter of taste.  And we won't dictate that to you.  If you prefer the vape from a cartomizer, Vape on!  If you prefer wicks, Vape on!  At Sublime, we are all about choice.  So we shop for all of the options and present them here to you, in one Sublime place, to select from.  The one thing that we will advise you whether you go wicks or sticks (aka cartomizers), is that you prime and fill your tanks with care.  Doing this, regardless of what kind of tank you choose, will translate to a Sublime vaping experience everytime!  Check out our links for filling advice, or Contact Us and we will help you out!

Resistance Levels

  • Most of the tanks (or atomizers, or clearomizers, or glassomizers, or cartomizers) that Sublime offers come in at least two ohm rating options.  Not sure which you prefer?  Check out our Vaping Guide - OHM for more information.  The quick and dirty version:
    • Like a HOT vape, go low
    • Like a smooth vape, go high

Top Coil Design v. Bottom Coil Design

  • There are three components to consider when you decide whether you prefer top or bottom (coil placement people!):
    • Heat - The closer the coil is to the mouthpiece, the hotter the vape.  If you don't like that heat in your mouth, stick with a bottom coil design.
    • Fluid Levels - Any tank can run dry, and if it does, the coils can burn out and the wicks or cartos can scorch.  Uck!  A bottom coil design is just a little bit more forgiving, usually, than a wicking system that has to deliver liquid all the way up to a top coil.  So, if you can't be trusted to pay attention to your e-juice levels (you know who you are!), stick with a bottom coil design.
    • Battery - If you are using a HIGH powered battery (e.g. a mech mod, the iTaste 134) a top coil tank makes a nice partner for the amount of power put out by high end devices and helps maximize atomizer life. 

Single Coil v. Dual Coil Design

  • The basic decision here is cost.  Dual coils heat more, create more vapor and, cost more.


A lot goes in to selecting the perfect tank for your vaping.  Buy a few and try them ... or shoot us a message and we can guide you to some of our favorites.