At Sublime Vapor, we know that you want what you want and you want it now.  We also know, you don't REALLY want to pay for it.  We agree.  


We carry a large stock of items and we pack and ship within 24 hours of your order all day, everyday, except for Sundays.  Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will ship out bright and early Monday morning.  


We can ship your package via the good old fashioned USPS or via UPS.  Your choice.  


All products are packed and shipped with care and guaranteed to get to you in pristine condition.


And what will it cost you?  We will happily ship all of your goodies to you for $8.99, up to 10 pounds of stuff.  Order $75.00 worth of Sublime at a time, and shipping is on us.


Any problems, no problem!  Give us a call.