Crystal XL Tank Detail | Sublime Vapor
Crystal XL Tank Detail | Sublime Vapor Crystal XL Tank | SUblime Vapor

The Crystal XL Tank is a big mamma-jamma of a tank, holding 5 mL of lovely e-Juice.  They have a hard working dual coil design and are easy as pie to fill.  


To Fill
Unscrew the mouth tip and remove. With the Crystal XL body at a 45 degree angle, drip e-liquid down the inside of the body, not allowing e-liquid to enter the center tip. If the Crystal-XL has been sitting in the up-right position for an extended duration, we recommend you tilt the Crystal-XL to insure that E-liquid has completely saturated the wick. 

After prolonged use, you may encounter a performance drop in vapor production and taste. This may be an indication that it’s time to put in the fresh atomizer included. Unscrew the bottom of the Crystal XL, then simply unscrew the old atomizer and replace.
We also recommend doing a detailed cleaning of the Crystal-XL to ensure continued performance.