Cyber E Liquids 15mL 24mg
Cyber E Liquids 15mL 24mg Cyber E Liquids 15mL 24mg Cyber E Liquids 15mL 24mg

Cyber E Liquids live up to the quality standards demanded by Sublime Vapor.  These E Liquids are all mixed in the USA and are comprised of the highest quality ingredients.  Cyber uses USP grade propylene glycol and Food Grade, Kosher, USP Vegetable Glycerin.  The flavors are out of this world, and offered in a variety of nicotine strengths, so there is something for every palate.


Most of these flavors, you can guess by the name ... here are some hints for the more esoteric ones:


Apple Jax - Think cereal aisle with this one.  Green apples with light cinnamon,  it has a toasty finish with a milky sweet undertone.

Arctic Peach - A natural peach flavor with peppermint and mint candy colder than nuclear winter

Blue Ox - A mixture of your favorite energy  drink flavor with wings and horns transformed with succulent blueberries

Cactus Cooler - Its Hawaiian Pineapples and Florida Oranges “canned’ into a Cyber Bottle with a  creamy finish that will make you POP!

Clouds of Cream - Smooth and creamy from start to finish with a subtle sweetness that will have you wanting more with every puff. It has tones of hazelnut and vanilla and an undertone of butterscotch.

Cyborg Plasma - a watermelon jolly rancher mix with a light candied menthol.  It’s an addictive flavor unlike anything you have tried.

Elysian Fields - This is a sweet and creamy dessert flavor that has an excellent throat hit.  It has tones of milk and cake batter and a nice smooth blueberry tone that is heavenly.

Red Tide - Let the wave of succulent red raspberries, wash over your tongue, you’ll be itching for more.

Supernova - a kiwi strawberry taffy blend that will remind you of a pink starburst.

Sweet Sunrise - A light sweet and fruity vape.  A pear, apple, and watermelon fusion that’s crisp and refreshing.

Vader - a cookie dough concoction with a vanilla custard base with hints of milk, maple and hazelnut.  This is so good it  will make you want to go to the darkside.