iClear30 Tank (Various Colors)
iClear30 Tank (Various Colors) iClear30 (clear)
The Innokin iClear30 changes the game when it comes to delivering Maximum Flavor and Vapor Production from your favorite e-liquid.  The tank features dual coils and 8 spectacular lengths of wicking in its large, 3mL tank.  All of this leads up to an innovative mouth piece with a 360 degree rotating design. Not only does the swivel look darn cool, its angle makes for a comfortable and enjoyable vape! 


This tank is easy to fill, easy to vape and easy to love, in 7 colors and 2 ohm ratings.


Replacement coils (atomizer heads) are also available to make this tank an economical choice as well!.  This is one of the favorites at Sublime Vapor.  Give it a try and see why!


To fill:

  • Unscrew the mouthpiece
  • Tilt and drip your favorite Sublime e-Juice  along the sides of the tank (avoid getting eLiquid in to the air-hole in the center)
  • Reattach Mouthpiece, let the wicks do their job (they should turn from white to clear)
  • VAPE!

To replace the coils (atomizer head): 

  • Unscrew the tank base (that's the end that screws into your battery end)
  • Unscrew the atomizer head (the part with the  wicks) from the tank base
  • Screw on a new atomizer to the base
  • Screw the base back onto the tank
  • VAPE!