Koga Organic Japanese Cotton
Koga Organic Japanese Cotton Koga Organic Japanese Cotton

KOGA Japanese Cotton is 100% organic. Completely free of dyes, chemical, and bleaches, it provides an ideal wicking material that is super high-quality and ideal for the DIY builder wanting the best for theirrebuildables. After being hand-picked by cotton growers, the cotton passes through a high pressure steam water-jet process to help weave the cotton fibers together. The surface area of the cotton sheet is smooth and flat, making it much easier for the DIY builder to work with.

Each package contains five 2.36" X 1.97" sheets. No boiling is needed and there is little to no break in period before you are enjoying a flavorful vape.

The manufacturer states that KOGA Japanese Cotton may contain sparse natural "husk" fragments which is completely normal and unavoidable if it is to be truly considered 100% organic. This does not effect wicking, flavor, or vapor production.