EC Blend E-Juice [12 mg Nicotine]
EC Blend E-Juice [12 mg Nicotine] EC Blend E-Juice [12 mg Nicotine]

Sublime E-Juice brings the work of the chemist directly to your tank.  The mixologists at Sublime work with a top quality producer to blend all of their delicious e-juices. 

Each flavor starts with pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients and then Sublime adds in our unique flair for flavor.  The results are a delectable product that balances throat hit and vapor production for a smooth and tasty experience.  

We also offer a selection of flavors in an All Natural and Organic line that features 100%VG base for those with PG sensitivities.  

Many of the flavors are easy to decipher.  Some require a bit more explanation ....

  • Aphrodite

    An intoxicating blend of rose petals, sweet cream and a touch of honey.  Fall in Love!

    Lychee Leche

    An exotic mixture of Lychee (subtropical small fruit) with sweet cream and that little bit of Sublime mystery


    Remember the three-layered amazingness of a Rocket Pop …. So do we!  All three layers are yours in this delicious Sublime Popsicle vape.

    Steven’s Surprise

    Strawberries! Peaches! And Cream!  Oh My!

    Strawberry a la Zoe

    Strawberries and White Chocolate … who can say no?

    Strawberry Twinkle

    It might not be made by Hostess (or whoever bought their assets out of bankruptcy), but it sure tastes like your favorite yellow cake treat filled with cream and a hint of strawberry.

    Sublime MINThol™

    It’s not just mint and it’s not just menthol.  It is our own proprietary blend of the best mint flavors and the cool hit of menthol in one amazing vape.  It’s mint!  It’s menthol!  It’s MINThol™!  It’s Sublime™!

    Sweet and Tart

    Do you know those little pastel candies that are just the right blend of sweet and tart.  If you love em, you will love this!

    That Juice!

    We almost don’t want to tell you what this one tastes like because it is so fun hearing what other people describe it as!  A little bit caramel corn, a little bit sweet pretzel.  But 9 times out of 10 when someone says “MMmmmm, that smells good!  What are you vaping on?”  The answer is “That Juice!”

    The Doctor

    Think pepper …..

    Tic Tac Toe

    Those little white mints in the little plastic rectangle that deliver the perfect hit of winter mint …. This vape will do the same.  Delicious!

    Watermelon Menthol

    You can probably figure out what this one has in it … but you will have to try it to find out that, despite how WEIRD the flavor combination sounds … it is A-MAZ-ING!

    White Peach a la Zoe

    Peaches and White Chocolate.  Yum!

  • The "Dragon" series get rave reviews for its creaminess and deliciosity (is that a word? it is now!).  Since not every one knows right away what "Dragon's Breath" or "Dragon's Kiss" might taste like, we provide the descriptions, below, to guide in flavor selection.  

Dragon's Apple

Red Apple, Green Apple, and a hint of English Toffee to top it off

Dragon's Blood

Dragon Fruit

Dragon's Breath

A blend of Mints

Dragon's Brew

Espresso and Cream

Dragon's Cafe

Espresso and 3 varieties of Vanilla

Dragon's Choice

Banana and Blueberry

Dragon's Crown

Strawberry Coconut

Dragon's Delight

Peaches and Pear

Dragon's Dream


Dragon's Frozen Tear

Minty Strawberry

Dragon's Kiss

Chocolate and Cherries

Dragon's Leaf

Light Blueberry Tobacco

Dragon's Magic Ambrosia made into an e-liquid

Dragon's Milk

Horchata - a delicious blend of milk and cinnamon

Dragon's Nectar

Nectarine and Honeysuckle

Dragon's Passion

Passion Fruit and other delicious fruits 

Dragon's Roar

Cinnamon Fireball.  WARNING: PolyCarbonate Tank Cracker

Dragon's Tear



Sublime E-liquid is mixed and bottled in the USA

Any questions about what you might like, give us a call at (509) 838-1111 or send us an e-mail and we are happy to steer you in the right direction.

Note - The "Dragon Series" and all of the "Dragon" products are registered trademarks of EC Blend

Any questions about what you might like, give us a call at (509) 838-1111 or send us an e-mail and we are happy to steer you in the right direction.