Kamry X1 Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer

The Kamry X1 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is the latest RDA from Kamry Technology that provides top of the line performance and usability.

The air flow design of the unit allows for maximum exposure to the coil to allow for ease of use and great vapor and flavor.  The holes can be drilled out (professional modders only please!) to allow for more airflow.  

If you are in search of a great dripping atomizer, and a great RDA, this X1 is a great place to start!






The Kamry X1 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is the latest RDA from Kamry Technology. The X1 draws inspiration from the Smoktech Octopus RDA, however with certain changes to the design it drastically improves the performance and usability.

Unlike the Octopus RDA the X1 uses threads to screw down the top cap rather than using o-rings, this means the top cap will not easily slip off when removing the drip tip or handling the unit. The X1 has an improved air flow design, with the air hole sitting directly below the coil for maximum exposure to the coil, unlike the Smoktech Octopus you do not need to align two air holes against each other to enable it to work. The X1 has air holes on its 510 connection like conventional atomizers.

If you’re a modder, the X1 cap uses a soft metal so you can easily drill a hole into the side for more airflow if you require.

- See more at: http://www.vapersjunction.com/shop/kamry-x1-rda/#sthash.x8KUnDd1.dpuf

Important Note:
Rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.

Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no multimeter or knowledge of how to use a meter, or when a meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.

This is because:

1. A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
2. If it is not tested it is entirely the risk of the user.
3. Faulty wicks/coils WILL blow electronic devices.
4. New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on a strong basic electrical APV that has short circuit protection.
5. No new coil/wick assembly should be used on an electronic device until known to be safe.
6. These items destroy electronic devices if faulty. This is a known issue.